Using imagery by our artists we have created some shareable pieces for everyone to post on their Facebook or other social media pages. There are mental health images meant to help battle ignorance related to mental health issues and the stigma attached to them. We are also creating images with quotes from literature that deserves to be seen and, for the most part, seems to go unnoticed among all of the inspirational and relate able content being shared. You can contact us to purchase a print or poster of any of the images listed below. When purchasing anything related to mental health all proceeds will be donated to a mental health organization, and any purchases of quotes will fund the translation of many important pieces of literature.

Mental Health Awareness

Online, we can find many easy-to-digest images from and for the positive thinker, but when it comes to some deeper, darker philosophy, those quotes are more difficult to find.

We combine the despairing quotes we enjoy most with photography from our artists to make them more readily available.

If you have a quote you want to see please emails us at

David Benatar

Emil Cioran

Thomas Ligotti