At ARTUS we are a passionate group. Although we have very different backgrounds and our values often vary, there are a few central goals and beliefs we tend to hold or support.

Everyone involved in ARTUS has an understanding of mental health through a spectrum of experiences with personality disorders, addictions and physical symptoms, to name a few. And we are all working towards helping others understand it as well.

In addition, we believe in lessening the suffering around us. One of the founding values of ARTUS — indeed, we began as a way to assist the starving artist with the expenses required to survive while they worked to create their beautiful art pieces. There are quite a few members who are subsequently childfree or antinatalist, as we do not want to force suffering onto other beings, especially when there are so many children in need of loving homes. Several of us are also vegan for similar reasons: we want to avoid causing suffering in the world and want to reduce the impact we have in that way.

Because of these values, our customers can look forward to cruelty-free options for fine-art prints and other goods, while being assured that each artists receives both fair commission and the recognition deserved for their work.


ARTUS — Expectations from and for Artists