Our Projects

A large part of our collective is working together. Using the money we make from selling our work we also put together much larger, more complex things to present in the future. From comics and stories to musical albums and video games. Check back regularly to see any updates or hear about any new projects that are being worked on. If you see one you like email us to ask how you can contribute to its production and what benefits you may get along with your patronage. You can also check out our Patreon to see how you can contribute to our production of nightmares.

Blood and Rust

The ongoing and increasingly fragmented narrative of a cannibal clan existing in the forests of British Columbia and engaging in dark worship of the monster god Ithaqua/Itakwa.

Existential backwoods sleaze inspired by exploitation cinema and French pornosophy, early Cormac McCarthy (Outer Dark, Child of God…), gothic and splatterpunk horror, the dregs of Lovecraftian fiction and accelerating capitalism, medieval mysticism and its modern Pentecostal equivalent, and whatever other obsessions the ARTUSans want to bring to the project.




Stillborn Free


An illustrated, semi-autobiographical, pre-apocalyptic black comedy addressing ideas related to antinatalism, philosophical pessimism, and the desperation of declining political authority, among others. Detailing the hallucinatory suffering and decline of a few loosely connected individuals living as ignorant harbingers of the impending catastrophe — each character representing the failed pursuit of conflicting personal ideals leading to horrific conclusions for us all.



Transgressive Craft — The Arte of the In-Between

A book in the works by our lovely Inara Cauldwell that is an alternative to the more traditional wiccan books your may be accustomed to.
“I tried for many years to make things work within the mainstream, starting as a very young Wiccan, decades past. I gave up long ago, after exploring many eclectic paths, and only returned to working toward a magickal practice that truly fits me within the last 5 years or so. Perhaps my experience can also benefit others who have gone through similar struggles. To this end, I’m working on something I’m calling Transgressive Craft, and I’m excited to be able to explore and develop it as part of my work with the Artus Collective. More to come soon – watch this space!”

~Inara Cauldwell, 17 Nov 2018, Seattle




A novella inspired by Satanic, Nietzschean and Anarchist ideology, as much as by the Faustian/Sadean literary tradition: when a former scion of the Nazi aristocracy meets a free-wheeling anarchist whore in the ruins of Post-War Germany, her view of herself as an individual and her understanding of the fascist ideology in which she had once so strongly believed will shift during the course of their violent and complicated romance.