Our Merchandise

We believe in offering affordable merchandise for those who love our artists work. We are always working on new products and improving the quality of what we have to offer. Look around and email us with any questions you may have or if you would like to place an order. Please have a look at the individual pages for each product to see all of the images available. 

Shipping for most orders would be:
Canada – $3 US
USA – $4 US
International – $6 US

You can also have a look at our Patreon tiers where you can access exclusive content and gifts without having to pay shipping.


Bookmarks are available in limited designs for $2 US,or three for $5 or choose any image from our artists galleries and have a high quality bookmark made for $3 each, or four for $10. 


Glossy Prints

Small prints for $7.50 USD and large ones for $14, have a look at the artists galleries and choose which piece you would like. 



Laminated Prints

Laminated prints are available in two sizes, small and large. The smaller prints are $4 US and the larger ones are $7 US.



Pendants will be available soon for $5 US each. This is for the pendant only; there is no chain that comes with it. The pendants of philosophers, authors, and other figures will have a portion of the proceeds go to having important literature translated.

Mental Health Cards

We have different mental health cards available for free. Enjoy the art of our talented artists printed with some helpful advice on a card small enough to keep on you for when you need it. 


Choose any one of the artists designs to have on a sticker. $2 US each or three for $5.