Our Artists

We have creative individuals from all over and are always growing. Have a look at some of the artists that are currently part of our dark collective.

Anton-Constantin Anastassov

Based out of Bulgaria, our youngest artist creates some of the most surreal pieces in the collective.

Brendan McCarthy


Inara Cauldwell

Seattle based triple threat Inara Cauldwell is a writer, musician and occultist you should look out for most notably working on Blood and Rust. She also provides research assistance for other projects as needed, particularly in the fields of occultism and Middle Eastern mythology and linguistics.

Jack F. McCoy

Living in Florida this digital artist creates colourful and vivid pieces and inspiring comic panels.

Jase Daniels

A visual artist from the UK with many other talents, Jase has a gorgeous style that can be crude and poetic or detailed and grotesque. He often creates digital sculptures or working on his comic HOGS.

Kevin Pinkerton

One of the lead writers of ARTUS, based in Canada, has some amazing work he has completed with Thomas for a zine coming soon as well and is also working on several novels. His writing has inspired several pieces created by Thomas Stetson, Brendan McCarthy, and Jack F. McCoy.

Lia Lovecraft

Lia Lovecraft is a musician and writer from Seattle. Her current primary focus is her band Dark Smith, with whom she plays bass and sings backing vocals. She is a close friend of Artus member Inara Cauldwell, and often helps her with tidbits from her own background as a scholar of the works of her namesake, H.P. Lovecraft.

Mikki S.J. Caplan

A Canadian musician, performer, writer and founder of ARTUS. You can look forward to original pieces by her with a broad range, from experimental and punk to classical and jazz. Currently she is working on several projects including the beginning writing to some spectacular video games, the soundtrack to a novel, as well as a novel herself.

Miss Pandora Greaves

Vegan grunge model, musician and writer based out of Canada. She is one of the members of our Dungeon Division working as a Domme and grunge-inspired sex advocate.

Thomas Stetson

This Americans work is dripping with passion and deep though often fueled by personal experience. His zines take you inside the head of this amazing artist.


W.A. Anderson

Another American artist of ours who creates magnificent abstract pieces inspired by the struggles he has faced.