The New Website


Man starts over again everyday, despite all he knows, against all he knows. – Emil Cioran

It has almost been a year that our horrific collective has been together officially. Our first website launched in February when we emerged from the shadows and announced ourselves to the world. The products we offer have grown and some outstanding work  has come out of our talented artists along side the more unpleasant sides to any business, or existence for that matter. We are working to find our niche and settle into the ideal place creatively while also keeping a comfortable, enjoyable, affordable experience available for everyone. We grow to create better art and with growth comes change. The last website just did not provide what we needed and so, we present our new website. For now it is small, but in the new year you can expect to see some interesting additions, including a free speech/nudity friendly social media platform. We look forward to sharing our work with you on this new user-friendly platform.

The ARTUS Collective 

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